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Cynthia Ambriz is committed to guiding people in fulfilling their greatest destiny. As a counselor, coach, Agape minister, Energy Codes Facilitator, author and speaker. She has immersed herself in the study and practice of Universal Laws and Spiritual Principles. She holds degrees as a New Thought Minister from the Michael B. Beckwith School of Ministry, is a Licensed Spiritual Counselor through The Agape International Spiritual Center and is a Master Certified Trainer of the Energy Codes through Morter Institute.

She has worked with and learned from world-renowned spiritual teachers including Dr. Rev. Michael Beckwith, Dr. Sue Morter and many more.  Additionally, Cynthia offers seekers a safe space to go deeper on their individual path of self-discovery and healing.  She guides individuals in learning about and cultivating tools that lead to self-empowerment.  Cynthia’s commitment to her clients and all those who cross her path is to hold them in a sacred container as they awaken to their own inner greatness.

Agape Licensed Spiritual Counselor/Practitioner

“A practitioner is not merely a body of knowledge, but rather a state of consciousness that realizes oneness with the Infinite.  Dedicated to first demonstrating New Thought Ancient Wisdom principles within their own life, a practitioner then serves as a spiritually therapeutic agent of the Spirit for the upliftment of every man, woman and child who requests healing of body, mind and spirit.” 

-Rev Michael Beckwith

As a Spiritual Counselor I have the distinct pleasure of facilitating transformational counseling sessions while holding the Truth about the individuals sitting before me.  During sessions we apply spiritual principle to our work.  We begin with the idea that the client is already whole, and our work is to assist them in revealing that perfection.  Each spiritual counseling session begins and ends with affirmative prayer, which is a scientific form of healing.  In this field of prayer, the Practitioner assist the client in realizing the spiritual truth about their life, thus releasing false beliefs and limitations.  Clients experience more clarity, vitality, ease, joy and fulfilment.

Benefits of Working with a Spiritual Counselor:

Peace of Mind

Inspiration & Inner Fulfilment

Living the Life You Envision

Clarity of Thought


Healing & Transformation

Energy Codes Facilitator

“When two or more come together with a conscious and informed intention of healing, healing happens. When subconscious interferences to abundance, vitality and natural rejuvenation are removed, healing happens. When we learn to surrender our limiting beliefs about ourselves and others, healing happens. And when we learn a way of being and a way of living that transforms our lives into a proactive path that manifests our authenticity, healing stays.”

– Dr. Sue

Quantum Science has shown us, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that what we think, feel and believe has profound determination of our reality.  We have also been shown that at the very basic foundation of physical existence there is no actual substance upon which life as we know it is built. There is only form — energy held in different patterns. As energy is held in various patterns, it creates different experiences in the physical world, impacting our perceptions, our beliefs, our vitality and our health.


A significant factor to consider is that these patterns of energy, which ultimately determine our beliefs, can be held at the conscious or subconscious level. Subconscious beliefs are much more elusive and yet, actually more potent when it comes to impacting your life. Otherwise, we could simply consciously decide to be healthy and successful, and it would happen automatically. If the subconscious holds energy patterns that conflict with that conscious choice, it will never manifest.


The subconscious mind is determining trillions of characteristics of the human experience every millisecond. This can be helpful if all is well, and not so helpful if there is interference in the system, which can create an inappropriate response in life and unnecessary distress.

Cynthia utilizes the embodiment of high frequency energy patterns to activate full human potential.  Cynthia’s techniques ignite an entirely new approach to living in creative genius and personal freedom through capturing and enhancing high-frequency energy patterns in the body.  She draws from her life experiences, and years of study of the Energy Codes. Her greatest joy is sharing her discoveries with others.


Cynthia provides techniques to activate untapped energy and neurocircuitry in the body, empower hidden potential, and become one’s true, essential self.  Cynthia is a Master Certified Trainer of The Energy Codes, a multi-level body of work on Personal and Spiritual Development. She is committed to teaching individuals self-healing techniques with an inner wisdom-based approach to a life based on Quantum Science and higher consciousness.

As it relates to Creativity, Health and Healing, it translates like this: when we see, imagine or remember danger, the body responds as though it is being attacked in the present moment. Even though there may be no actual attack happening in the moment. The subconscious autopilot portion of the nervous system activates the “fight or flight response” — blood pressure goes up; muscles get tight and heart rate increases. In addition, digestion shuts down in order to provide energy to the arms and legs to “get away from the bear,” and essentially all creative capacity and healing shuts down.


When the bear goes away, signals are sent to the subconscious from the five senses passing through the conscious mind to let it know that the coast is clear. The body relaxes; heart rate, blood pressure and tension return to their balance; and healing and ingenuity return to their previous potential. Only then can we experience our full capacity in these areas.

She teaches on the human energy fields, energy centers in the body and their influence on creative capacity and physical healing.  Cynthia discusses the relationship of the conscious and subconscious mind and how they relate to anxiety and stress versus triumph and success.


We are multidimensional human beings; there is more to us than meets the eye, even more to us than meets the mind.  Cynthia teaches individuals to explore the far reaches of their own awareness through practices of self-healing, meditation and inner reflection through integrative breathwork. She brings science to the conversation of the heart. The objective is to access higher frequency energy patterns in our own systems in order to define one’s life purpose and path with grace.

Experience Energy Medicine healing techniques and conscious embodiment practices to cultivate a thriving experience of life.

Work With Me

Free and non-binding initial consultation. Contact me and schedule a free first talk of 30 minutes. I am happy to speak with you and explain the way it works.

"Lasting Healing"

Rarely have I been in session with a practitioner with the trifecta of skills Cynthia embodies. Through her careful listening, professional knowledge of the Energy Codes and capacity to employ BEST practices, I received personalized and lasting healing. The unexpected result is being filled with a sense of belonging at a time of tremendous change while embracing a great willingness to know more.

Thanks & many blessings, Cyndi!

Diana Stephens

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