Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

What is working with a Spiritual Counselor like?

I often describe a spiritual counselor as the ultimate confidant; one who maintains the highest, unlimited perception of an individual’s wholeness, and has no personal expectations or agendas, all within the realm of complete acceptance and inviolate confidentiality. We provide unconditional positive regard and a compassionate presence, offering sanctuary for the individual. Carole B. describes her experience in this way: “My spiritual counselor is like my spiritual compass, always keeping me pointed toward the Truth. I come away from every session with new insights and ideas about how to apply them in my life. I am deepened in my relationship with myself and with God. It is a holy experience for which I am totally grateful.”

How is working with a Spiritual Counselor Beneficial?

In a world where people are increasingly turning toward spirituality for assurance and answers, the time is ripe for spiritual partnerships to emerge as a powerful healing consciousness that can shepherd those searching for new ways of approaching individual and global uncertainties. In the larger realm of health care providers, Spiritual Counselors have been a largely untapped resource. Many clients have remarked that they wished they had embarked upon this spiritual path of healing and guidance long before they discovered it. We certainly remember when chiropractors, herbalists, acupuncturists, and other “alternative” modalities were considered on the “fringe” in the field of healing. Today these modalities are being sought alongside mainstream allopathic medicine.


We are midwives for souls awaiting their full emergence and expression as spiritually realized beings who know the presence of God as their very life. Give yourself the gift of spiritual partnership and the joy of being supported on your spiritual journey. Mother Teresa said the world will be healed one heart at a time—why not start with your own and watch the cascading, rippling effect of good your consciousness of wholeness will have in your life and all around you.

The importance of being heard.

Most people have never really been listened to. They lie in a lonely silence—no one knowing what they feel, how they live, or what they have done. There are no words to adequately describe what it is to be free with another person. It is most often a sensing that someone will let us be all of what we are at that moment. That person is moved as we are…by the integrity of our existence. And it is this deep sensing of someone, somewhere, being for us that breaks into the silent loneliness of our lives and encourages us. The Spiritual Counselor is listening intently for the patterns or conditioned thoughts and beliefs that are creating and contributing to the situation or condition. After “connecting the dots” and drawing together the dominant patterns of thoughts, beliefs, or fears, we work on determining the spiritual principles and practices that will assist the client to make the shift he desires.


“My practitioner is a light in my life, a beacon that is ever present when darkness seems to press in around me. She relentlessly reinforces spiritual principles of truth and light through her gracious presence and prayer,” explains Judy B. “When I enter into a session, I am always filled with a sense of excitement and joyous anticipation for the great good that is undoubtedly going to be unleashed because we have joined together to engage in this sacred work of coming into agreement about a greater truth.”

What does a session consist of?

Those not familiar with working with a professional spiritual counselor naturally are interested in what actually takes place during a session. When setting up an appointment, clients inquire about the fees and availability. When the session (in person, phone or Zoom) takes place, the client would be greeted warmly and the spiritual counselor would proceed to bless the session with an opening prayer. The practitioner asks about the intention for the session. Questions that I often pose to my clients are: “In what area(s) of your life are you seeking to have a breakthrough?” or perhaps “What challenges are you facing that you are seeking spiritual support for?”

Working with a Spiritual Counselor the client is held, listed to and often this allows for profound healing to occur.

Dr. Paul Tournier writes on this subject: “It is impossible to overemphasize the immense need humans have to be really listened to, to be taken seriously, to be understood. He who would see himself clearly must open up to a confidant freely chosen and worthy of such trust.”