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As a Life Coach, Cynthia invites people to notice their longings and discontent and supports them in moving beyond them.  There are time tested universal life principles that help an individual make the changes necessary and create the life they would love to live. Cynthia has been teaching and helping people transform their lives for over 22 years.



Each spiritual counseling session begins with setting an intention for our time together and ends with a 6-step Affirmative Prayer, a scientific form of healing.  In realizing the spiritual truth about their life, clients are able to release false beliefs and limitations, and experience more clarity, vitality, ease, joy and fulfillment.


Sessions are available in person, via Zoom or by phone.


Visioning Process

Discover a powerful universal principle that goes beyond traditional goal setting & manifesting to help you discover your soul’s purpose for your life.




Ceremonies & Rituals

As a Minister and Spiritual Therapist I am available to perform sacred ceremonies and rituals including weddings, baby blessings & house blessings, memorial services and other commemorative celebrations of life events.



& Classes

I offer classes and workshops on Metaphysical subjects such as Affirmative Prayer, Meditation and Visioning; Embodiment through the Energy Codes teaching Seven step system to awaken your spirit, heal your body and live your best life.  I also teach individuals how to integrate previously fractured aspects of the Soul that may been left behind during times of trauma.



I offer transformational and motivational talks and am available as a speaker for events, meetings, trainings, keynotes and more. 


Please Book my FREE 30min Consulation for topics and to  customize curriculum for your unique needs.


When the world doesn’t feel like it’s slowing down anytime soon, how do we address the spinning thoughts and stress created from our monkey minds each day?

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"Very Warm, & Affirming"

At my Practitioner session with Rev Cynthia, my intention was to be more focused on my priorities as I tend to give away my time and treasure to whoever asks. We talked about how to cultivate a practice of turning within when I am faced with choices about how and where to do service. I learned about my WISDOM CORE, and what questions to ask myself so that I can discern WHAT IS MINE TO DO? This has been so helpful to me. Rev Cynthia has a lovely sense of humor, is very warm, and affirming and shared freely when I asked her questions about her spiritual practice. I feel like she gave me permission to thrive. I am sure that her genuine presence combined with her years of practice and study is of tremendous benefit to anyone who works with her.

Ann Worthington

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