"Very Warm, & Affirming "

At my Practitioner session with Rev Cynthia, my intention was to be more focused on my priorities as I tend to give away my time and treasure to whoever asks. We talked about how to cultivate a practice of turning within when I am faced with choices about how and where to do service. I learned about my WISDOM CORE, and what questions to ask myself so that I can discern WHAT IS MINE TO DO? This has been so helpful to me. Rev Cynthia has a lovely sense of humor, is very warm, and affirming and shared freely when I asked her questions about her spiritual practice. I feel like she gave me permission to thrive. I am sure that her genuine presence combined with her years of practice and study is of tremendous benefit to anyone who works with her.

Ann Worthington

"Cyndi is the Difference Our World Needs!"

Cyndi is a calming presence. Her loving spiritual guidance, and honest communication

skills are above and beyond what I have experienced in past.

Cyndi is GENUINE! She is always there for you…should you reach out! I really admire the thought provoking questions, and suggestions she loving uses to further my divine growth. Cyndi’s professionalism is above reproach. As I have said YES to furthering my growth…I will say I have made a heart to heart, and soul to soul connection. I believe in Cyndi! It is my belief this is what she has been called to do with her many talents, and gifts. Cyndi is divinely inspired, and a beneficial presence in my life. Cyndi has shown me the authentic difference between a real loving connection. You could say a miraculous connection.

For this and so much more I am GRATEFUL…Give Cyndi your YES… 

Be prepared to be Blessed, and Amazed!

Theresa A Donston

"Lasting Healing"

Rarely have I been in session with a practitioner with the trifecta of skills Cynthia embodies. Through her careful listening, professional knowledge of the Energy Codes and capacity to employ BEST practices, I received personalized and lasting healing. The unexpected result is being filled with a sense of belonging at a time of tremendous change while embracing a great willingness to know more.

Thanks & many blessings, Cyndi!

Diana Stephens

"Deep Empathy & Humor "

Rev. Cynthia warmly held a sacred space for me to awaken to a greater way of Being. With both practical and higher conscious wisdom, deep empathy and humor she guided me through a range of experiences from the deeply personal to managing business relationships to answering my existential questions about life. Rev. Cynthia shared powerful practices that enabled me to re-engage with my life’s journey at a quicker pace and at a higher level each time I wavered on the path. Working with her opened luminous spaces of possibility that I could only imagine before working with her.

Sina Taumeopeau

"Lasting Healing"

It is with great gratitude and deeply honored to have this amazing being in my life.  Her willingness to listen and guide me as I become more of who I am supposed to be is prophetic.  She has given me tools and practices that benefit me to this day.  She is a being of Love and it is felt in her celebratory laugh, her gentle and calm speak and just here energetic presence that demonstrates openness.  Thank you Cynthia for sharing your gifts with me and the world.

Danny Parizek

"I Found Answers..."

I am so happy to recommend Cindi and I am shouting it from the rooftops. A few years ago I found myself at a cross roads with career and living a life without joy. I knew there was more for me. I felt stuck and didn’know exactly what to do or in which direction to go. Cindi worked with me to help me to identify what I wanted and how to move in the direction of getting it. I didn’t have the courage to make the change or know how to. With her help and guidance I found answers and have a whole new business that brings me great joy. This is not therapy as we know it… Cindi empowers you to find your own answers as only YOU can. One session makes a difference! I highly recommend Cindi and her beautiful gifts.

Nancy Lucas

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