Do you ever look around the world in amazement and wonder...

I hope so...

Too often, however, when many of us look at the world around us, what we perceive is a world divided. Divided by culture, religion, history, the color of our skin or currently, social distancing. These illusions of “division” have been present in humanity since the beginning of time, because that is the nature and purpose of this dimension.


We live in a practice ground. Life is always going to present some opportunity for us to take duality and create unity. An opportunity to see, feel, and perceive the wholeness, the Essential Self, that is You.


One way I know for us to be a unifying force in the world is to build this conscious community, not from a philosophical, conceptual place, but from a place of embodiment, so that we build and activate the circuitry to be that in the world.


Quantum science is showing us that
11 billion bits of information are bombarding our deep core all the time.

The Universal Question Is...

Are You Listening?

Are you catching the wisdom rising? Because those bits of information are supposed to rise up from the brain in our gut, to a brain in our heart, and filter upward to a brain in our head so that we are consciously aware of universal intelligence in a lucid and usable form. In every...moment.

What are the effects of cultivating our consciousness and bringing it to the body?

When we anchor our consciousness in the core of our body, rather than live in our head, we drop deep inside the core of our system. When the pranic energy moves with consciousness, reuniting mind, body, breath, you start to feel your wisdom. You start to experience your power.

We recognize that love infuses everything we do.

You begin to manifest without trying in a linear fashion to go out and make life happen.

This is what I want for you.

With Great Love,


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